ICAL Products and Services (Corporate Training)

ICAL offers 6 levels of corporate training  to create and sustain innovation within your organization.

Level 1: ICAL Training Best Practices  (30 hours)

ICAL Training Best Practices allows you to master the basic tools of Accelerative Learning and best practices of ICAL Inside quickly and confidently.  The emphasis is on hands-on practice in a safe and constructive environment.  

Participants experience and acquire the latest educational theories developed by Gateva, Canfield, Schmid, Lozanov, Gardner, Csikszentmihaliyi, Diamond and other important researchers in the fields of Self-Esteem, Flow, Music, Art, Acquisition vs. Learning, Suggestion, Brain Research  and Enriched Learning Environments.

It is designed for trainers and teachers, and is also very valuable for managers or principals who manage people who are using accelerative learning.  

It gives everyone a different perspective on how to deliver better student results in both effective and affective terms.  In other words, students learn more and boost their self esteem at the same time, and participants learn how to recognize and encourage both achievements.  And guess what?  The same applies to teachers and trainers, as evidenced by their testimonials.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Recognizing and teaching to every student’s learning and processing styles
  • Preparing activities that astonish and engage learners
  • Creating rich multi-sensory learning environments
  • Developing self-esteem that promotes retention and recall in learners
  • Delivering the learning outcomes you desire
  • Utilizing art to facilitate successful student output
  • Developing course outlines with ICAL’s 11-step design model
  • Using persona to promote positive suggestion and successful results
  • Predicting your future success
  • Experiencing successful presentations with your teammates

To find out how your organization can benefit from Training Best Practices, contact us.

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