ICAL Products and Services (Corporate Training)

ICAL offers 6 levels of corporate training  to create and sustain innovation within your organization.

Level 3: ICAL Course Design (Scroll)  (30 hours)

ICAL Course Design (Scroll) allows you to create a complete master plan for any new course you are designing.  You will create lesson content and performance objectives in a giant grid called a “scroll” which will be the road map for the systematic design of your course.  

Participants examine the elements that will fill the scroll – the overall curriculum content, expected outcomes, and an overview of lesson structure. It is the global “recipe” from which you will design an actual course.

This course is designed for  trainers or teachers who wish to design simple units or short courses for a specific purpose in their organization.  This course also gives participants plenty of practice “micro-teaching” with the 11-step model and using the elements that make the model memorable and highly effective.

As participants see the global design of their courses come to reality as they develop their scrolls, it gives them an exciting insight into the long-term possibilities of course design applied to specific needs throughout their organization.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Using ICAL's 6-stage model of learning and ICAL’s 11-step design model
  • Developing a global overview (scroll) of your course
  • Practicing using “persona” to create higher student engagement
  • Applying the elements of design to your scroll
  • Exploring the elements of lesson overview sheets and individual activity sheets
  • Experiencing micro-teaching individually and in teams
  • Exploring the use of design for “1st Curve” and “2nd Curve” applications

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