ICAL Products and Services (Corporate Training)

ICAL offers 6 levels of corporate training  to create and sustain innovation within your organization.

Level 4: ICAL Activity Design  (30 hours)

ICAL Activity Design gives participants an opportunity to create and design all the individual activities for new courses developed in Course Design.

For each activity, participants will determine an activity description, together with content and psychological objectives, processing styles, time allotments, activity type (primary, secondary, or tertiary), and the activity’s place in the ICAL 11-step model.  You will be assisted so that you will leave this seminar with the activities necessary to teach your course from beginning to end.

This course uses ICAL’s “Design Game” that effortlessly allows participants to design a short training course that has all the elements of the ICAL 11-step model, mathematically designed to successfully deliver the most content in the shortest amount of time with the highest student performance after the course.

As participants develop the activity design for their course, they experience the elegance of combining a number of complementary elements to systematically deliver replicable course outcomes and students who display critical thinking skills and use the course content to solve real problems in the organization.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Creating a Unit design from the Fibonacci sequence
  • Developing an activity sequence using ICAL’s proprietary Design Game
  • Choosing the six different types of Inputs 
  • Selecting the three types of Activations 
  • Checking your design mathematically with ICAL’s design check sheet 
  • Exploring the elements of lesson overview sheets and individual activity sheets
  • Experiencing micro-teaching individually and in teams
  • Exploring the use of design for “1st Curve” and “2nd Curve” applications

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