ICAL Products and Services (Corporate Training)

ICAL offers 6 levels of corporate training  to create and sustain innovation within your organization.

Level 5: ICAL Material Design  (30 hours)

ICAL Material Design gives participants an opportunity to design all the individual materials for the activities they developed in the Course Design and Activity Design levels.

For each activity, participants will determine the props, games, overheads, peripherals, music, handouts and art materials required.  ICAL’s coaches will be on hand through every step of the process to ensure your planning process is complete by the end of the seminar.

As participants develop the material design for their course, they experience the pleasure of designing supporting materials that bring activities to life and engage long term retention and recall in their students.

Outcomes to expect (just a few of many more that you will acquire):

  • Enhancing the six types of inputs with visual support
  • Selecting peripherals, props, visuals and music to accompany each activity
  • Choosing music that becomes a powerful memory device to students
  • Selecting tools that address the five senses for most activities
  • Creating elegant activities that feed the mind and spirit of every student
  • Ensuring the outcomes you want to replicate with every student

To find out how your organization can benefit from Material Design, contact us.

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